Week 8-Day 5-Friendship comforts …

This first section is ganked from my BerkleeMusic.com materials, to aid in prompting writing.  The second section has my choices, ideas, and writings.

Section 1

Prompt: Friendship

What quality does my idea have?

Linking quality: It comforts.

What else has that quality? What else comforts?

Now you find two target ideas: things that comfort. Your result will be an expressed identity: Friendship is a _________.

  1. Friendship–>Linking Quality: Comforts –> Target Idea: –>______________.
  2. Friendship–>Linking Quality: Comforts –> Target Idea: –>______________.

Section 2

Describe friendship in the key of ‘comforts’ using nouns/adjectives/verbs from the word ‘Fleece blanket’

Friendship->Comforts->Fleece blanket

Fleece blanket – soft, warm, fuzzy, touching, gentle, hugging, relaxes, kiss, babies, winter, seasons, childhood, infancy, cookie monster, blue, pink, cookies, snuggling, fireplace, hot cocoa, snooze, snore, sleep, cuddle

Your friendship wraps around my shoulders and gently squeezes tight, reassuring me that I am not alone. Your voice soothes my jittery nerves like a good hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s night. Snuggling together, a heat wave envelops us.  Chocolate chip cookies on matte black plates cozy up to tall glasses of cold milk, a pair too delicious not to share.

Friendship->Comforts->Summer breeze

Summer breeze – warm, gentle, caress, eyes closed, sunny, fluffy clouds, a touch, humid, beach, offshore breeze, tequila, turquoise, water, drinks, sharing, stretch, suntan, heat, skin, tingles

You breeze in through the front door, wafting in gently, wrapping your soothing arms around me and squeezing.  We share fruity drinks topped with paper umbrellas and stretch ourselves out, like an offshore breeze that cools our humid skin. Fluffy clouds float happily as we salsa dance on hot sand.


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