Week 8-Day 4-Friendship nourishes…

With feedback from teacher on yesterday’s assignment, it seems I wrote things backwards. Good, but backwards. I should have been writing about ‘needle’ in the key of ‘finger’ and ‘thunderstorm’ but it seems like I was using ‘needle’ when choosing the nouns/verbs/adjectives. I think I got it right this time.

Our given object was ‘friendship’; the linking quality assigned was ‘nourishes’. I chose ‘poetry’ and ‘meditation’ as my two second objects for comparison. I tried to write about friendship using words about ‘poetry’ and ‘meditation’ in nourishing terms. Here I included the words I used when thinking about ‘poetry’ and ‘meditation’ so you can see the way my brain works.


Poetry -> inspires, readings, emotional, expressing, Khalil Gibran, children, life, Shelley, homosexuality, sex, love, heat, timeless, humanity, human condition, politics, nature, Mary Oliver, the Cape, Robert Frost, New Hampshire.

Poetry feeds friendship’s awe-inspired reverence of deer walking through Walden woods. Inspired laughter echoes timeless tales of our girlhood that would make Mary Oliver proud.


Meditation-> Calms, breathing, deep, rhythms, quiet, alone, mantra, peace, union, universe, Buddha, temples, walking, focus, water, mind, clear, clarity

Friendship’s mantra focuses on nourishing companionship. The regular back and forth rhythm of reciprocity breathes love and life into the human soul. Peaceful unions of alone togetherness shine light on the universe’s interdependence in itself. Buddha’s quiet nature under the Bodhi tree models the mind-like-water philosophy of relationships. 


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