Week 8-Day 3-A needle is….

Today is a repeat of yesterday’s exercise: we were given the object needle to start.  However, the linking quality we were given is injects, instead of penetrates. We were asked to come up with something that also has that quality.

At first, I was not happy. Needle, again? Boring! Then I went online and typed what things inject – that was not helpful, as you can imagine. Isn’t inject very similar to penetrate?

And then, it happened. I thought of something. No, I thought of two things! The moral of the story is don’t decide ahead of time what will and won’t work. Make yourself try it.  Below are the writing prompts, my selections, and writings.


Prompt: Needle

What quality does my idea have?

Linking quality: It injects.

What else has that quality? What else injects?

Now you find two target ideas: things that inject. Your result will be an expressed identity: aneedle is a _________.

  1. Needle–>Linking Quality: Injects –> Target Idea: –>_____finger_________.
  2. Needle–>Linking Quality: Injects –> Target Idea: –>_____thunderstorm______.

A needle is a finger
A needle is a finger stabbing you in the chest and poking you hard enough to leave a bruise. With each jab, cutting words sting your heart. Jeff! Chris! Steven! Phil! The names of your buddies pierce your mind in horror. Your trust withdrawn faster than the blood can leave your face.

A needle is a thunderstorm
A needle is one of millions of spears racing down from thick clouds and forcing themselves into the ground. Dirt injected with swells of rain drives mud slicks down the street’s gutter. Daffodils and lilies of the valley greedily imbibe their lifesaving medication. The ground swells and breaks open to let it all in, addicted to its springtime ritual.


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