Week 8-Day 2-Linking Qualities

I’m paraphrasing instructions from today’s assignment. If you want to write a great metaphor, pick an object. Ask yourself: What qualities does this object have? and What else has that quality? When you’ve answered those questions, you now have two items you can use in writing. The goal is to write a short paragraph using sense-bound details to describe one thing in terms of another.

We were given needle. The linking quality is: penetratesHere’s my writing for today:

A needle is a paw

 A needle is a cat’s paw, which sneaks out straight from the under the Victorian chest and into the high baseboard’s hole. A single claw senses movement and flashes its tip into hapless house mouse flesh. The cat’s instincts are her only poison, rapid-firing five sharps into her furry victim.

A needle is a key

A needle is a key that bypasses high-tech security systems and lays bare forbidden treasure. After carefully laying out all his tools, the thief operates the needle, gently wiggling it up and down slowly as if each motion is part of the undoing of the Schlage lock. One false move by the master and the patient dies in the operating table, a life that can never been reclaimed. The thief terminates, leaving the key in the lock, mission unfulfilled.


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