Week 7 – Day 4-Nouns (+MyNouns) Collisions

More writing class catchup…. this is Day 4’s collisions (yesterday’s) between ten pairs of nouns. The first noun I was given; the second noun I added. Then I came up with descriptive collisions.  I’ll catch up with today tomorrow…

Day 4 – Nouns (+My Nouns) Collisions 


A notebooks is a train of thoughts, chugging along inky tracks, from New York to Peoria, making local stops and getting derailed once or twice.


A circus of rainstorms paraded down onto the town, playing its off-key rhythmic notes onto the stalwartly slate tiles, and mocking inhabitants who dared to peek under their front doors.


Temper’s pinwheel spins wildly around in a gust of colors, angry pinks and oranges clash with sprightly silver, plastic swirling and clicking in a revel-like panic.

regret/broadway play

Regret is a Broadway play where the cast of characters gets stuck on repeat and comes out one last time for a curtain call to an empty theater.

crown/food truck

The crown’s food truck lacked lustre and hid bits of dried out food, scaring her subjects away with thoughts of getting stuck in the gulag with Listeria.


Desires unmet are an out-of-control bicycle whose rider is without her training wheels for the first time, unable to guide or stop her two-wheeled cruiser.


The transmitter of harbors calls out to seamen over high-frequency sailing channels, heard only by whales and radios that capture the memo signals.

knowledge/traffic light

The school system is the traffic light of knowledge; the red shadow of ignorance casts its standstill pall over its audience; the green aura of education enlightens all those it blesses.


The lighthouse’s marksman shines its light with masterful precision onto its targets far below on the snarling seas.

memory/ghost ship

Alzheimer’s is memory’s ghost ship that leaves its passengers traveling without a tour guide, photos, or destination.


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