Week 7 – Day 3 – Noun/Noun Collisions

Okay, well, today isn’t day 3 — it’s day 5. And I’m behind. Wish I could catch up sooner but I let personal things get in my way. Back to writing….


The cobweb’s enrollment grew in sticky leaps and ghostly bounds, even as its dried, abandoned legs fell off the corners above Wilbur’s pigsty.


Dante conducted Hell’s orchestra of beliefs above the hot, fiery pit of ancient lost souls.


Debt’s embrace held me tight in its greedy arms, obliging me to fulfill my dead obligations with the rare days of my life.


My commitment to ignite my future by taking a risk in the present fired me up to relax and let it go.


A lethal dose of hatred is exactly what the Devil prescribed when Cain’s petty illness caused him to seek out the orders of Dr. Evil.


Charlotte ordered her cobweb to take in six flies a day, three in the morning and three at night. If the sticky fingers refused to obey her every command, Charlotte got her pharmacist’s go-ahead to abandon her web to the West winds.


Mark’s enrollment of belief came before he was old enough to be allowed to pick his own major.


Debt is a financial orchestra of ruin, a classical ballet of form and figure where dancers swing their way into an obligatory tragedy.


Before you are bogged down by your decision’s embrace, adopt a devil-may-care attitude and let go into your next phase of life.


His hatred’s ignition sparked his descent into an earthly perdition.


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