Week 6-Nouns+Verbs

Hello! Sorry for my blog silence the last couple of days. I have been dealing with a difficult cold. Now I’m getting better and need to catch up with my BerkleeMusic creative writing class! Here are the Noun+Verb collisions for Day 2 + 1/2 of Day 3. I have to preface this by saying that I’m finding metaphor writing difficult. I didn’t realize that my ‘metaphors’ were really similes and that’s not quite the same thing.

Week 6 – Day 2 – Nouns + Verbs


The phlebotomist pressed the needle hard against his vein, which opened submissively at his experienced touch. His skin sang as the needle slid in, his blood shone redder, and ecstasy rang in his ears.


Jason stood up slowly while looking Marcus in the eye. As he did so, Jason’s nerves whirled together, a tornado of concrete courage. He took one step and paused. The roar of spectators and the pop of a starting gun filled his head.


Equal parts rain, sleet, and snow pelted a surprised Cambridge for three hours. Galoshes stomped while children squealed. Mothers sharply called to their little ones. Not even Mitzi prowled the bushes.


The Allman Brothers’ trust operated its charge with the patience of a carousel ride operator. Up and down, up and down went the funds.


Bushes started shaking hard. The rustle of leaves exploded into a cacophony of shouting, screaming, and gunshots. Immigrants trying to cross the border illegally were illuminated with a high-powered spotlight. Thirteen people stopped running all at once. Sgt. McAfferty heard a muffled cry.


The needle startles easily and falls outside its plastic prison. Rolling away as if it was on fire, the needles escapes under the cabinet, free from the clutches of the nurse’s fingers.


Janet nervously clutched her sick baby to her chest. Dr. Ramsey held steady, looked into Janet’s eyes, outstretched his arms and repeated: ‘Give her to me, Janet’.  Janet put Nancy gingerly into Dr. Ramsey’s arms.


The wind pushed along broken bits of tree branches, dead flower petals, and trash. The driving rain rode the detritus into the gutter and collected its gross menagerie.


Stuart budgeted his trust among his three closest friends: Dave, his running buddy, got half; Martin, his drinking buddy, got forty percent; and Steven, his lover, got 10 percent.


Like clockwork, border guards came in precisely every 8 hours. Shift changes moved smoothly from one hour to the next. Lunch was scheduled in 30-minute increments.

Week 6 – 1/2 Day 3 – Nouns + Verbs


The cobwebs enroll its’ students by virtue of invisibility. In hiding, the cobwebs hook the flies’ collars, pulling them in from behind into their deadly grasp.


The nun’s belief orchestrates her submission to God’s values. The communion wafer in her mouth, the sound of the altar bell being rung, and the sip of wine all harmonize in her heart.


The embrace of debt wraps itself around Glenda’s throat with its python strength. It starts by slowly squeezing, then releasing only a minute amount, before squeezing ever-tighter, choking her and holding her down.


The decision ignited Amanda’s eyes wide with anger and her nostrils flared loudly. Instantly in motion, she stomped up to Andrew’s face and smacked her open hand across his cheek.


Dorothy’s mother Joan prescribed hatred as a vitamin supplement. At breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Dorothy had to eat lies, complaints, and vitriol. She tried to tighten her mouth in refusal, turn her head, or spit it back out, but it was no use. Joan found a way to slip into her snack pack, souring her sweet moods.


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