Week 5 – Class Discussion

Did you notice any patterns in you searches for adjectives and nouns? Which direction did you find easiest, going from adjective to noun or from noun to adjective?

For me, the hardest part was coming up with adjectives. For nouns, I chose objects in my head and compared it to the adjective in the list. When performed this way, I found it not too difficult to think of objects (nouns).

However, when it came to the one where I had to supply the adjectives, I did a google search for ‘adjective generator’. I used a site that let me choose the complexity level of the adjective, on a scale from very common to very uncommon. If I liked an adjective, I compared it to the next noun in the list and considered whether it was a likely or unlikely pairing and whether it was too obscure nor too ordinary. If slightly unusual but not too uncommon and it wasn’t a usual pairing with the noun, I chose the adjective.

My patterns usually involve the humorous, the dark, or the emotionally evocative.


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