Working from Nouns to Adjectives

In these pairs of 10 adjective-noun combinations, I was assigned the list of 10 nouns. The assignment is to provide 10 adjectives, 1 for each noun, and then to write sense-bound sentences or paragraphs. Here they are:

10 Adjective / Noun Combinations

droopy / nerves
Her droopy nerves weighted her down, even after her alarm clock pounded her heart awake.  Sara opened her eyes and saw only a blurry blue, imperfect reflections as if submerged in a pool.
musky / needle
With the skill of a surgeon, Jah’s drug dealer slipped the musky needle under his skin. Jah’s pulse quickened in anticipation as liquid pain relief fed starving veins.
rambunctious / storm
Lila ran, arms pumping, feet slapping down into puddles that covered her sneakers. The rambunctious storm dumped water heavier on her, as if teasing and dancing with her. Huge drops plopped. Her tongue drank. Eyes drowned.
idolatrous / trust
Mark’s faith in his older brother, Steve, pulsed with an idolatrous trust. In Jonestown, cult members drank purple, poisoned punch. Fruity. Plastic cups clunk, then empty. Bodies fall. Flies buzz.
secondhand / border
The illegal immigrant huddled with family in the back of the truck. Closed up, like a tomb, behind a false wall. A well-hidden sliver of space for air. Hot. The driver passed his papers to border patrol. Waved on, the crew crossed the secondhand border, weary from travel.
steamy / cobwebs
Scantily clad spiders abandoned their web. Only steamy cobwebs remain that vainly try to remember their former glory. Wet, sticky, and bondage memories.
dense / belief
The priest’s dense belief held everything: church bells ringing, incense, and kneeling prayers.
dark / debt
Myra’s gambling drew her into a dark debt, shadowing her moves. She grabbed the chair’s movable arms for balance, tottering.
humble / decision
Mr. Mathers humble decision won him awards and scalded ears. The burnt smell of ruined relationships made him gag. Windows were opened. Old friends released into the air, like pigeons released from servitude.
vainglorious / hatred
The queen’s vainglorious hatred of the vicar earned him eight lashings with the whip. One lash stings. Two lashes, beat. Three, whistle. Four, moan. Five, bitter. Six, limp. Seven…

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