Adjectives Provided-Nouns Given

For today’s writing assignment, we were given adjectives, asked to think of the nouns, and then to write.  Here are mine:

itchy / relationship

Marcus squirmed under the strain of his itchy relationship with Martha. It was like walking into a sauna fully clothed. Sweat poured off his brow, down his neck, and underneath his collar.

reluctant / monster

Herschel stomped slowly, lagging. The reluctant monster dreamed flowers. Purple irises, magenta gerbera daisies, and pink roses. His limp hand held a mace, a chain, and one of his teeth.

stumbling / rock

The stumbling rock accidentally rolls over the woman. Grasses lay down low.

sticky / painter

The sticky painter grunts in disgust. Ugh! Glue drying quickly. He wipes. Pants sigh. Glass breaks.

angry / couch

Alissa sat down. The angry couch deflated. Metal coils surge into her leg. Yes! She rubs her leg, winces. She feints.

clumsy / ocean

The bottled ship was launched into the clumsy ocean, slapping about in the chaos. Blue-green waters sneak inside. The SS Gwendolyn goes down. Blrrrrrr….

greasy / hands

Eggs sizzle. Bacon crisps. Ed’s greasy hands slip into action. Wheat toast, sliced diagonally, toasted. Plate set to disco beats. Breakfast!

melting / traffic

Police move the barriers. Open roads widen from melting traffic. Engines hum, leaving birds behind as dots. Bon Jovi’s prayers livin’ on Mix 98.5.

frozen / vista

Lily stood near the icy cliff, painter’s brush in her hand. The frozen vista stunned her in oranges. Teeth chattered. Dots dotted on sketched canvas. Tears fell.

reborn / bicycle

With the twist of a wrench, Blixa’s reborn bicycle races out of the gate. Pedal fast! Faster! Blixa totters.


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