More Adjective-Noun Collisions


Today’s assignment in my creative class is more metaphor writing, based on 5 pairs of adjectives and nouns. Part I and Part II are similar in that the same five adjectives and five nouns were given, just in different combinations.


broken / street
Broken street sizzles summer between its cracks, and marks touristy feet with the smell of a tired city.

alert / summer
Summer alerts children everywhere with its tempting warmth that wiggles its way through open school room windows.

tangled / theory
Salsa’s tangled theory unravels itself in our two-steps. Heels tap. Hands grasp. Eyes meet. Hearts leap.

grumpy / friendship
Your lies make our friendship grumpy. I pull the duvet over my head. You pretend to snore. I imagine the aroma of coffee brewing. You toss. Turn. Over.

crumbling / pleasure
I saw you kiss her, your hand clutching her chestnut mane. The day’s pleasure crumbled like a too-dry oatmeal cookie and was blown away by the wind.


broken / pleasure
Empty house. Old memories. Closets littered with dust balls, cat hair, and broken pleasure. Tin boxes with old post cards. Strangers posed, black and white in black and white. Echoes of July 4th picnics, roasted corn cobs, and lobster salad.

alert / street
Boys on left. Girls on right. The biggest straight stick we could find. Red rubber hand ball. Two pitchers. The alert street warns ‘Ice Cream Truck!’ We cheer, run in a pack. I stand in line, two quarters in my pocket. Orange creamsicle, please!

tangled / summer
Weekly trips to the beach in a beat up station wagon driven by Pete. 80s music plays on the radio. Stories swapped with rattails at the pool. Summer tangled inside my transistor brain, on repeat.

grumpy / theory
Your grumpy theory thumps the ground. Let. Me. Win! Twirling, I taste triumph over your seared opinions. Sizzle. A glass of wine. Feet up on an ottoman, resting.

crumbling / friendship
You assaulted my iPhone with texts, begging me. Drained, I watched our crumbling friendship fall away like breadcrumbs. For the birds.


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