Metaphor Collisions-Adjectives/Nouns-Pt1

First, I’d like to state that, except for my exercises, the material presented here is copyrighted by BerkleeMusic and Pat Pattison.

This week, we’re exploring metaphor; this is one thing represents another and, in doing so, creates new imagery. Our exercise is to creates a sentence or short paragraph given five adjective-noun combinations.

Susan left me. Alone. My lips trembled. Our tangled hearts resonated in the air far after the last string was plucked. Sweet leg-buckling kisses gave way to silence.
The bumpy wallet opens and tumbles its contents onto the granite countertop. Bills and coins spill out like intestines out of a stomach. Silver rounds clink and jump like an erratic heartbeat. Scrambled eggs steam.
In the ghost town of your love, my dusty hope stirs up sand. Everything covered in tan specks. I gasp and choke on it. Wind blows away what’s left of me.
Your bags are packed. Paperwork flutters by, then disappears. My bewildered sleep leaves me wet and in a twist of sheets. Your scent on cotton flowers. Your voice rouses me. I reach. Emptiness.
The jealous stars will not let me sleep. Their blaze burns into my mind. I ache with fever. I taste metal. They mock me with light. I rotate like they do.

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