Get ready for metaphor!

Today is the beginning of Week 5 of my creative writing course through BerkleeMusic called ‘Creative Writing: Finding Your Voice’. The course is co-created by Pat Pattison and Caroline Harvey. Ms. Harvey teaches the class, as well.

The first four weeks focused on different prompts for writing: what, who, when, and where. Through 5 days of writing prompts, we honed our writing skills, gave feedback to the other students, and received feedback from both students and teacher.

This week begins four weeks of working with metaphors. I love starting new activities! Ironically, I have not gotten into the material yet. Tomorrow, I will dive in, like a human arrow that dives into a crisp, clean pool. Okay, technically, that’s an analogy. See? I do need help.

Need an idea for object writing? Visit


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