Week 3 Assignment from Writing Class

This week’s assignment: Pick one of our object writings from the week and expand it to 200-400 words. Our main goal this week was to write from different tenses, past, present, and future. I chose to expand on a 90-second timed writing topic called ‘6am’, from the 2nd person point of view, in the past & present tenses.

         When your black-and-red alarm clock radio turned on at 6am, the song ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by The Beatles had just begun to play. You noticed heavy warmth pressing against your left hip. You tried to ignore it. Your cat Hunter rose and sidled on up to your face, with the grace of a gazelle that awakens from its nap and runs to follow the pack leader.  Hunter touched his wet nose to yours. You did not respond. Hunter triumphantly stood on the pillow and kneaded your hair into it. You laughed and asked, ‘what is it, Hunter?’ A fierce purring was your answer. Gwendolyn, who heard that there was a party going on topside, trilled and jumped on the bed. The aroma of brewing coffee wafted into the upstairs bedroom from the kitchen. Your mouth watered buttered toast with jam. Despite this, you had to drag yourself away, like a host parting reluctantly from his guests.

Now, after the thrill of watching your niece perform with her middle school string orchestra at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, and all your homework assignments are complete, you can relax. No work. No chores. Your partner is on a business trip in New York City. Your cats are somewhere sleeping. Peace and quiet should be yours, in the same way that a kingdom is a prince’s rightful claim. Instead, the house resonates like a windless ghost town, where neither sands stir nor tourists visit.


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