Class Discussion

In the writing course I’m taking, we worked on timed writing exercises five days a week, 3 exercises a day. Last week, we wrote from different points of view (first person, 2nd person, direct address, and third person). This week, we wrote from different tenses, past, present, and future. Our teacher asked us, in our weekly discussion forum, which we found more useful. As I have spent far too many hours on an editing homework assignment worth five points, I only wrote this today:


From my experiences, it seemed that the time prompts added a layer of complexity to the depth and type of writing that seemed to come up when writing. Although I did find them both expanding my writing skills in new ways, time prompts were more interesting to me. What happened then? How does it compare to now? What will happen? You could explore these with a lot more variety and depth than with person prompts. However, we didn’t switch back and forth between different types of person prompts when writing (first person to second to third). I wonder if this would be just plain difficult to do or if it would expand our writing within a certain timeframe in the same way that writing from time prompts did.
Just remember: writing every day is what’s essential. Just write. Five minutes? Write. An hour? Write. 30 seconds before you board the bus coming down the street? Dig out the paper and pen in your bag and write!.

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