rites of healing (12-16-2007)

I offer you this gift because it is all I can do in this time and space.  If I can give you this one thing, I will have given you all there is to give or possess in this world.

Imagine that I have led you into a secluded garden, hand in hand.  I sit you down on a stone bench facing a reflecting pool.  Evergreens surround us, filtering light and a summer’s breeze.  The scent of lavendar, sage and damp earth fill the air. I straddle the bench facing your left side. I place my left hand on your heart and my right hand on your back on the opposite side of your heart.  I ask you to close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly, and open your heart, mind and body to me.

Imagine that a warming heat travels from my heart, down my arms, through my hands and into your body.  Inside your heart is a place that I fill with this heat.  From front and back, you feel warmth glowing as it penetrates your chest, your back and your heart.  This heat represents all the love that was ever gifted to you from your mother, your father, your teachers, your mentors, your brothers, your sisters, your friends and your lovers, those in the past and those yet to come; it is the love of strangers and of animals and the earth.

Imagine that, with each breath, the energy flows out of me into you until the love has carved itself an eternal home in your heart. This is where love renews itself.  You can withdraw the love you need to heal when it seems that you have been forsaken, when disappointment and despair overwhelm and when you are alone. Afterwards, love will refill itself, ready for you if you need it again.  Because you have received these memories of love, you will never again be alone or lonely.

Imagine that I slowly take my  hands away from your body and open my eyes.  You open your eyes and turn your head to meet my gaze.  Smiling, we hold hands, saying nothing.  We close our eyes again, listening to the sounds of the forest and the water and the birds and the crickets, as our hearts beat together inside our chests.


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